As Carpenters we understand the importance of having plumb, square, level and accurate form work. Whether it being for the foundation of a building or an exposed retaining wall, Trusted Contracting takes great pride in creating a product held to the highest standards in the construction industry.


Accuracy and production are two major keys to success when meeting deadlines, and building a homeowners dream house. We ensure all builds are fully compliant and keep you updated throughout the project, guaranteeing an exceptional result.


If you are looking to extend, revamp or simply add value to your property, our team will help create your dream home. From minor improvements to full-scale renovations, our carpenters work with your requirements and budget to deliver a quality build.


No matter the weather, a deck and pergola combo is a great way to relax with family and entertain guests while enjoying the fresh air. Our team works with you step by step in designing and creating a deck system that works for you and your family.

PHONE: 604-557-6645

"We look forward to working with you."

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